School Programs and Practices that Promote a Positive

Learning Environment
Glenview Elementary School is a place where faculty and staff, parents, and site administration work closely together in the best interest of students. As a school community we have the highest expectations for the achievement and success of every child. Our highly trained and experienced staff prides itself on teamwork and excellence. Our parent and community volunteers are a valuable and integral part of the school and are commended for their continual contributions toward strengthening the bonds and commitment between school, home, and community.

Glenview Elementary School has a variety of ongoing programs and activities that support the academic, social, and emotional development of Glenview students:

Student-Centered Activities and Programs

1. Assemblies
2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Fest (January/February)
3. Read-a-thon
4. Science Fair
5. Music/Instrumental- Students in grades 4 and 5
(Weekly – Wednesday and Friday)
6. School-wide Visual & Performing Arts Program- Provides time for grade-level collaboration in Dance, Drama, Video Production, Visual Arts
(Weekly – Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. – 1:10 p.m. & Friday, 9:20 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.)
7. Math Intervention Instruction – Targeted grades
8. Prop 49 After School Tutorial & Arts Program - Reading/Math/Homework Center tutorial; Visual & Performing Arts; Physical Fitness; organized sports activities (basketball, tennis…)
9. After School Chess Club and Recorder Classes
10. After School Enrichment Programs (PTA Sponsored)- Berkeley School of the Arts-Monart, Rhythm Rock, Sarah Science, and Conversational Spanish
11. AROJ Performing Arts Academy Consultant– Provides Leadership Team Building through Spirit Team and literacy/language/career exploration through Video Production for grades 4 and 5.
(Wednesdays 7:30- 11:45 a.m.)
12. Social/Emotional Consultant– Provides services to: aid in the reduction of student referrals, detentions, and fights; improve student attendance; increase parent involvement; improve the learning environment; assist teachers and parents in the utilization of effective intervention strategies; and, improve emotional and social maturity development and conflict problem solving capabilities of students.
13. HERO (Help Everyone Reach One) – Provides Leadership, Team Building, and Physical Fitness (grades K-5th), HERO coaches (grades 4/5)
14. Second Steps – School-wide conflict resolution program.
15. Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE) - The GATE program provides additional opportunities in education to children who show advanced talents, abilities, and achievements. The criteria for GATE identification are based on specific criteria for students in grades 3 through 5. Teachers review the criteria yearly and recommend students to the program. Some students qualify automatically based on specific test scores while others are referred for intellectual testing. Parents may also recommend their children to be evaluated for placement into the GATE program. Their teacher or parents based on excellence in the arts may recommend students to the GATE program. These artistic areas include the visual and performance arts. The Gate program committee consists of parents, teachers, and the principal.

Other Resources
1. Resource Specialist Program- This program is designed to identify and serve students with average and above average potential but who have a learning disability. The Resource Specialist and/or IA provide support and appropriate academic interventions so that these students may find academic success in the regular education program.

2. Special Education/Visually Impaired Program (VIP)– The Visually Impaired Program provides services for children who are visually impaired or blind. These students are integrated into mainstream classes as often as possible with appropriate adaptations of curriculum and materials. Glenview School has a continuum of services for children Infant/Preschool through fifth grade. There are 3 VIP classrooms and various support staff.

3. Speech Services- A speech-language therapist is available on site twice per week. Students who are referred are screened prior to a formal assessment. If the student passes the screening, an assessment is not needed. Qualifying students receive therapy to address his/her speech-language disorder.

4. Library
– The school library has something for every student at Glenview. The Glenview PTA’s hard work is responsible for the newly renovated school library and part-time librarian. In addition, there is a fulltime district funded library assistant.

1. Student Success Team (SST)– is an intervention team to bridge communication and provide support between parent, teacher, and student. The team is comprised of teachers, administrator, school psychologist, Social/Emotional consultant, parent, and student.

2. School Site Council (SSC)– meets monthly and is comprised of teachers, other school personnel, the principal and parents/guardians, whose major function is the development, implementation, and evaluation of the school site plan for categorical programs.

3. School Advisory Council (SAC)– advises the principal and SSC regarding the school’s program and services for identified State Compensatory Education participants.

4. English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC/Formerly BAC) – advises the principal and SSC regarding the school’s program and services for identified English Language Learner students.


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