You Are Important!!

Parents and community friends are important. You are always welcome to share your talents and expertise. If you have an interest in science, math, performing and visual arts, desktop publishing or any other area that you would be interested in sharing with students and/or staff, just talk to the principal or classroom teacher, (510) 879-1190. Businesses are also encouraged to share or make donations of time and/or money.

Parents and Guardians–
You have the right to visit your child’s school.

Glenview has an "Open Door" Policy and I would like to remind parents to remember the annual 40 hours of work release time that you are entitled to by law so that you can attend to school matters concerning your child, including observations and volunteer work.

The Family-School Partnership Act (Assembly Bill 2590)
This act allows employees to use: "vacation, personal leave, comp time or time without pay to participate in their children's school-related activities. The law covers employers with 25 or more workers at the same location, and it applies to parents, grandparents and guardians. These persons are allowed to use up to 40 hours a school year to conduct school-related business. However, employers may request verification of the nature of the school activity."

Opportunities for Parental Involvement

Primary Contact: Deitra Atkins, Principal
Phone Number: (510) 879-1190

Parents and the community are encouraged to visit and become active in our overall school program.

Glenview has an enthusiastic committed Parent-Teacher Association that works hand-in-hand with administration and staff to strengthen the Glenview School community and inform neighborhood families that Glenview is a neighborhood public school that should be strongly considered for their little ones entering kindergarten.

Glenview’s PTA annually sponsors and/or coordinates numerous activities: Kindergarten Perspective Parent Night, Welcome to Glenview-Kindergarten Tea, Spaghetti Feed Dinner, Halloween Haunted House, Holiday Breakfast/Student Talent Showcase, Annual Read-a-thon, Family Science Night, Annual Science Fair, Teacher Appreciation Day, Latin Festival, Scholastic Book Fairs, scholarships for after school arts classes and a multitude of volunteer tasks.

Glenview’s PTA has also provided funding for such things as picnic tables, a school marquee, field trips, library renovation and teacher supplies for the benefit of Glenview students, staff and community.

The school also has an active School Site Council (SSC). Glenview’s active English Learners’ Advisory Council voted to delegate its responsibilities to the SSC for the 2004-2006 school cycle. Glenview is committed to communication between its various language groups. As a result, every effort is made to have oral and written translations in Spanish and Cantonese, Glenview’s primary languages. Portable translation machines have also been purchased to enhance parent communication at school functions.

Glenview’s parents, staff and administration are grateful for the long-standing support of City Council President Ignacio de la Fuente, City Councilperson Jean Quan, and OUSD Board Member Gary Yee.




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