Glenview Elementary School is located in a quiet residential neighborhood between Highway 580 and the Warren Freeway in Oakland, California. It enjoys a very high level of parent involvement and strong administrative leadership that has organized parents and teachers into a cogent force for addressing school challenges. Numerous partnerships exist with local institutions providing enrichment during and after school.

At Glenview Elementary School every student is encouraged to be a life-long learner. To accomplish this we envision a clean, safe environment where our students are actively involved in a learning process that is exciting, meaningful and interactive. This process is built on the strengths and diversity of our multiethnic student body population. Activities are provided that enable students to take pride in who they are and to gain an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Glenview's parents, staff, faculty, administration, and community have a strong commitment to the arts. Because of this commitment, Glenview students have 1-2 arts classes each week ranging from dance, drama, theater, music(instrumental – grades 4 & 5/vocal – grade 2) and visual arts. In most instances arts classes are integrated into the regular curriculum, giving students a broad range of ideas and inspiration so that they have a well-rounded educational experience.


School Description and Mission Statement

VISIONGlenview’s vision is that our students achieve to their fullest potential.

1. Our programs, services, and staff contribute to all children developing the educational and academic skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to our society.
2. Our efforts result in our children learning to make informed choices about their daily lives by developing a positive sense of self, family, and community.

MISSION– Our mission is to provide children with educational opportunities that meet them at their point of need; enable them to make academic gains at or above their grade level, and develop into healthy adolescents.

We continuously strive to meet our mission by:

1. Offering equitable access to educational programs that serve to foster academic achievement, including opportunities across the curriculum for children to develop a balanced, life-long love for learning and artistic expression.
2. Promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation
3. Offering our staff professional development and collegial planning opportunities that improve the school climate, support research based and data-driven instructional decision-making, and promote the growth of our instructional staff
4. Leveraging community resources on our campus for the benefit of our students, parents, and teachers

School DescriptionGlenview is one of several ridge schools in the Oakland Unified School District that draws its population from both the hills and flatlands of Oakland. In this connection, this K-5 school reflects the socio-economic bimodality of Oakland, with about half of its population coming from lower income, socio-disadvantaged homes, while the other half come from middle income households. The school is racially mixed and its student population speaks more than a dozen languages. The school is known for its history, pride, and artistic expression, all of which complements its growing academic achievement throughout is various sub groups.


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